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Get your Taxes done with a Piece of Mind!

All kids are welcome. Gold Star understands how hard it can be sometimes to handle things with your children. We have dedicated a playroom just for the little ones to enjoy their time watching tv, drawing on our chalkboard wall, coloring, reading, and even eating snacks while waiting on their parents to file their Tax Returns.



Gold Star Tax Services Guarantees

Exceptional, Phenomenal Customer service at ALL times.
We’re Open the entire year to offer our clients year around customer support.
Tax IRS/ State Audit Support
Virtual Assistance in all 50 states for Customer Convenience




Tiana was very professional and welcoming at the same time. Most offices I’ve been in the employees don’t really interact with you they just treat you like a paycheck but Gold Star tax really made me feel like family. Also she was able to get me top dollar on my return and was available whenever I called with a question and was knowledgeable. I will definitely be back year after year. Thank you so much.

Jasmine B.

I love this place! I was able to secure my appointment with Tiana and she really helped us get the most out of our taxes. Both ladies in the office were very helpful, and professional.
I brought my toddler and he really enjoyed himself in her kids play area. This was the first time he was able to have fun and leave us alone for a bit while we were working on our taxes. Also brought my infant and they were so kind and made it a smooth process with my babies. She even had snacks and drinks available (:

I will be dragging my family to her next year and they’ll be thanking me once they leave her office haha. THANK YOU!
Safe and glad to say that we will be back here every year and some. She’s nothing like our previous tax preparers in the past. You don’t know what you’re missing until you come here.

Daniel P.

You haven’t had your taxes done right, until you come here. Tiana worked a miracle doing my taxes! Let her work a blessing into your life, you won’t regret it.

Julian W.


  • GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE Privacy Policy Like other providers of personal financial services, we are required by law to inform clients of company policies regarding the privacy of client information. We continue to be bound by strict professional standards of confidentiality; we have always protected your right to privacy. Additionally, state and federal law provide for criminal penalties for tax return preparers who disclose client information.
  • Your written consent will be obtained before GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE  uses or discloses your information for any purpose other than the preparation of your tax return. GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE follows Code of Professional Conduct which prohibits disclosing confidential client information. Types of Non-public Personal Information We Collect GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE collects non-public personal information about you that you provide to us, or by which is obtained by us with your authorization. Examples of sources from which we collect information include client phone calls, interviews, client emails and letters, client financial planning organizer, tax returns, and questionnaires concerning financial history.
  • Parties to Whom We Disclose Information Current and former clients’ non-public personal information obtained in the course of providing accounting services is not disclosed except as required or permitted by law. Permitted disclosures include providing client information to GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE employees and, in limited circumstances, to unrelated third parties who require such information to assist GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE  in providing client services. The confidential nature of the shared information is emphasized in all circumstances.
  • Protecting the Security and Confidentiality of Current and Former Client Information GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE retains records relating to professional services provided to clients so that we may better assist clients with their professional needs. Additionally, records are retained in some circumstances to comply with professional guidelines and requirements. To protect your nonpublic personal information, GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE  maintains electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards in compliance with CPA professional standards.
  • Your privacy, our professional ethics requirements, and our ability to provide quality financial services are important to our firm. If you have any questions regarding GOLD STAR TAX SERVICE’S  privacy policy, please call us at (909) 258-2899 or email any inquiries to